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This is a simple light blue shirt, the beauty lies in the way the cotton was woven. This weave might be the precursor of the modern oxford cloth. The fabric is slightly stiff, completely untouched by any chemicals that sanforize the fabric, but with age it will become soft and mold to the way you wear the shirt. This shirt has a full open front and was cut from a beautiful, hand-woven cotton fabric, woven on a handloom that used no electricity. An easy one to wear, it’s the perfect casual shirt. The collars are understated and soft, entirely hand-constructed, as the whole shirt is, by a tailor in their own workshop. The hem of the shirt is curved and the buttons are natural shell. Meant to be worn un-tucked, but of course you can have it made at the length you desire. A pattern will be cut and the shirt made for you once you order and submit your measurements.


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Small peculiarities, incongruent and seemingly imperfect details are a hallmark of hand crafted clothing.