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Shipping And Returns


The best things come in small packages.

We are doing away with all the trappings of modern shipping and delivery practices that create waste, fill up our landfills and harm our planet. We carefully fold our clothing down to create small packages that help reduce our carbon footprint and we package our clothing without using any plastic. All the paper we use for wrapping and shipping can be recycled. This helps reduce waste and keeps our prices low.   

To help us reduce waste and environmental harm without reducing your enjoyment of your purchase, please be sure to iron or steam each piece back into shape when you receive it in the mail.  

On each garment page you can find information on how to care for your clothes.

We offer free shipping on all our items, all over the world. We use a range of couriers and will advise you which particular courier we use to ship your order. 

Return Policy

Given the made-to-measure nature of the clothing that we make, we can only accept returns in the event that 

a. The clothing does not match the measurement(s) you provided us with or  
b. We send you the wrong product(s)

Unfortunately, given the made-to-measure nature of our business, we are unable to accommodate any other requests for returns. We make every effort to reflect pictorially and verbally the different features of the clothes such as color, texture, material and consistency. Please contact us should you have any questions about our products. 

To return an item, please see Returns below.


Please see our Return Policy above. Customers have 14 working days from the day they receive their garments within which to return them.  

We will accept returns within the time frames set forth above, and will reimburse the purchase price of the products only if the following conditions have been met:

a. The products have not been used, worn or washed and are in the same conditions in which they were received and, in any case, are compliant with the requirements detailed in the section on the Return Policy for returned products above: 
b. The identification tag (with the disposable seal) and labels are still attached to the products;
c. The products are returned in their original packaging; and
d. The products are not damaged.

Please also remember to clearly mark the returning parcel with the word RETURN. In fact, please do so liberally, so that the postal service or US customs don’t charge any extra duties. 

If all of the above conditions are fulfilled, a full refund will be issued to the customer to the account used for purchase within five days of garments being returned. 

Please get in touch before returning an order and state the reasons for your returns. If you meet the return requirements, we will email you a pre-paid return shipping label.