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We make every-day clothing to fit your unique body measurements, in a re-imagined manufacturing cycle that preserves age-old crafts, uses natural fabrics and empowers artisans economically. Our clothes are made by tailors who practice their ancient crafts in their own individual workshops. We do not work with garment factories. Each article of clothing is made entirely by hand, every detail pored over and perfected. Our clothes are designed to have a circular lifecycle and last a very long time. We provide you with free life-time repairs. Since we start making your clothes once you order them, we hold no inventory and waste nothing. Our clothes are the antithesis of disposable, fast fashion. 



Clothes for even-tempered, unassuming men. Our clothes are inspired by a certain sense of classicism and, perhaps, with a hint of mischief. If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to let go of a worn-out shirt or an old pair of pants, you will find a lot to interest you here. Everything is made entirely by hand to last a long time by artisans who take pride in the objects they make, infusing part of themselves into the clothes.


We make clothes for unhurried women with good taste. Men’s clothing was traditionally tailored to hold up in an active lifestyle. We carry this principle over to our tailoring for women and we create seductively functional, every-day garments that go beyond mere decoration. The care with which the artisans make these clothes gives them an inherent value. Each piece of clothing is unique and made specifically for you.



After choosing an article of clothing you like, you give us your measurements…….
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